SALES TO EQUITY RATIO required for shares….

POSTED BY sunil ON July 4, 2011 1:27 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hello Manish,

Can you let me know from where can i get “sales to eq ratio” for all company’s. I have searched extensively but could not get it.

The website you suggested “” is an excellent website i immediately subscribed to it. Their Pulse reports are awesome.

Now i want to analyse stocks on some of my own checklist and i require this SALES TO EQUITY RATIO.

Can you help me.

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  1. sunil says:

    Dear Jagdees,
    I am not going to use it as a standalone weapon.. instead i am planning to combine it with few other (lot many i should say) to generate a checklist for Fundamental Analysis.

  2. Jagadees says:


    I heard about Price/sales ratio, but never heard about the one you mentioned above. How does it helps in company analysis?? Even price/sales ratio as a standalone does not reveal much whether the company is profitable or not. You can visit website where you can find bunch of financial ratios which helps in company analysis.


  3. Ramesh says:

    Sales to equity ratio.

    Thats a new ratio. I cannot comprehend the utility of such a ratio.

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