Salary from US company while working from India – how to file IT return ?

POSTED BY ritul ON November 11, 2013 7:01 pm COMMENTS (4)


I have a query, if some person is employed with a US company working from India(home), and gets his salary in US $ via wire transfer to bank account, how his tax will be calculated and deducted . How can maximum tax saved by various allownces/methods apart from 80C/home loan/80D etc.

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Ritul, 80GG for rent, 80G for donation are there for you. Then comes Home loan interest.



  2. Still you can claim for HRA even if its not into the salary component , though a small amount. Also not many options for you as there are no components as said by you .


  3. rockingguy says:

    If your annual income is above taxable limits, then you have to pay Income Tax and file IT return

    For assessment year 2014-15, if your income is above ₹200,001 to ₹500,000, then you’ll have to pay Income Tax @ 10% rate

    1. ritul says:

      Thanks for answer,

      Question is.. like if salary is from some indian company then we get various allowances like medical,HRA,conveyance, leave travel allowance etc. But in this case no such thing is there, so what alternate methods are there to save tax.

      1 lac under 80c and 15k under 80D is already done.

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