Restructured MF portfolio

POSTED BY Rajat Bhatia ON April 6, 2013 3:48 pm COMMENTS (6)



I have restructured my MF portfolio recently as following:-


ICICI Pru Focused Blue chip Eqty

SBI Magnum Equity Fund


Quantum Long Term Equity F


IDFC Premier Equity – A

SBI Emerging Businesses Fund


Anyone wants point out pros and cons, any suggestion/comment would be much appreciated. 

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  1. Dear Rajajt, please check the underlying portfolios of both large cap funds & compare for overlapping stocks similar exercise should be done for the 2 midcap funds. Are you getting me? Please opt any 1 largecap & 1 midcap fund.



  2. Rajat Bhatia says:

    IPry bluechip – I like this large cap fund over others, very good return since inception.
    IDFC Prem. Eq – top consistent performing midcap.

    Please understand the monthly lumsum investment I was talking in my previous comment – is only applying for those SBI funds.

  3. Dear Rajat, then what the IPry bluechip & IDFC Prem. Eq. are doing in your portfolio?

    Please justify.



  4. Rajat Bhatia says:


    SBI Emerging Business – seems to me a clear winner (for last few years) provided if the investor is not afraid to take risks.
    SBI eqty – is also very good large cap fund, by my inclination on it – is because of its low minimum amount of lump sum investment, as I would like to buy units monthly in a buying window choosing market situation, rather than fix amount SIPing on a fixed date.

  5. Dear Rajat, what was your thinking to opt SBI Eq. & SBI Emerging Business?



  6. Your funds are all good. I think its fine. Just leave it be, give this a run for 2-3 years before making any more changes. Be happy with your choice and don’t worry about what others think (incl me).

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