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POSTED BY Ajinkya Darshane ON February 4, 2012 9:30 am ONE COMMENT

hi, i m 24 yr old guy, i want health insurance for entire family, i am okay with high premiums but i want an insurer with high claim settlement raito history…atleast above 90%
1. my father is 54 yrs old nd he has a history of heart disease but it was 10 yrs back nd was cured by just preventive medicine, no surgery was done, he has a type 2 diabetis ( maturity on set )…
2. my mother is 51 yrs old, and has a history of hypertension, she is healthy aft starting preventive medicines
3. my sis is 18 yrs old nd perfectly healthy
so what kind of options do i have? i m okay with pre-existing diseases getting covered aft 3-4 premiums….one more info my both parents are doctors nd are in government service so they get reimbursement benefits…but wht wil happen aft retirement? so i m planning to have health cover for them much earlier so tht aft 4 yrs preexisting diseases will be covered…there is one more prob, if i go wid family floter then aft 58 they usually convert floter to individual policy for tht person…and i dont have any idea on wht ground they increase their premium…i searched a lot, i think oriental insurance happy family floter is a gud one bt i m really confused, plz guide me and suggest me policy as per my requirement…throw any personal questions on me, i m ready to ans all of them…no worries…

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  1. Dear Ajinkya, For the given situation my take ‘ll be to go for this split.

    You purchase a family floater from oriental of say 3L Rs. & at the same time, ask your father to purchase 2 individual policies for him & mother of 2L Rs. each.

    You ‘ll be the proposer in the family floater while your father ‘ll be for those individual policies.

    Apart from that Oriental policy, you may have a look on Apollo & Max Bupa policies.



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