Review on HDFC Balanced Fund – Growth, equity oriented

POSTED BY Jatin Kacha ON August 9, 2013 10:32 am COMMENTS (2)

Hi Friends,

I have begin SIP in HDFC Balanced Funds – Growth option, equty oriented, from last Aug, along with some other funds.

I am monitoring my portfolio regulararly. I have seen a shard decline in the return of of HDFC balanced fund. When i begun investment, it was 5 VO rating, then it declined to 4, and then recently to 3 start (as per moneycontrol rating).

This fund has also produced me negative return of around 5% during last 1 year.

Then i want to know should i stay invested in this fund?

Should i switch to other well performing balanced fund, like icici pru. balanced?

Or should i include any debt / dynamic bond fund in my portfolio, so that it can fill up loss occured by this balanced fund?

I have investement goal of 4-5 year for this portfolio.

Though i have continued my SIP as it is.

Thanks in advanced.

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  1. Jatin Kacha says:


    Thanks for your reply.

    So i should continue as per your point of view.
    Is it good to combine it with any good dynamic bond fund? as a additional SIP investment.

  2. Dear Jatin, please continue with your fund.



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