Review of Scripbox or similar Mutual Fund recommendation companies ?

POSTED BY tanmayb ON January 2, 2015 11:27 am COMMENTS (2)

Hi, I am a regular investor in Mutual Funds from last 1 year. Recently in some leading financial newspapers I came across companies like Scripbox and FundsIndia which provide services to their consumers in terms of recommending best performing mutual funds in the market. And as per their statistics their recommendations have really performed well.

Currently I am investing directly in Mutual Funds after doing my own piece of research through websites. If any of our friend(s) has taken services of companies like SCRIPBOX and Funds India, I would like to hear their personal experiences. Is it really worth and safe to leave all the research to these companies and invest on their recommendations.

Regards Tanmay

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  1. Hemanth says:

    if u are fine with your research and investments, why do u want to invest through them.

    Also, they are just suggesting some funds. they don’t know your financial conditions, risk appetite etc. Do you think just following their recommendations without considering all these will be fruitful?

    1. tanmayb says:

      Hi Hemanth,

      Thanks for your reply…

      I am fine with my picks of Mutual Funds.

      It was just that I felt they are more experienced and seasoned in this area and many people have recommended them on their websites.
      To validate these recommendations only I thought of asking on this portal, if someone can share his/her experiences weather good or bad.


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