Retirement/Pension Plans – Which is good?

POSTED BY MSP ON December 17, 2011 2:27 pm ONE COMMENT

I wish to take retirement/pension plan. I am 38 years old, would look for around 1 lakh per month when 45 to 50 years. What would be your take and which is good plan? How is ING Best Year Retirement Plan? How about NPS? Where to subscribe?

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  1. Dear MSP, first of all fix, the retirement age. Is it 45 or 50? The answer ‘ll change dramatically for the 2 ages. Sample this – To earn a mly return of 1L Rs. @ 6% interest rate, the corpus should be 2 Crore Rs. From your current age of 38, calculate on your own how much money you need to save to reach that 2C figure in next 7Y for age 45 ^ in 12Y for age 50.

    Please calculate & update.



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