Retirement Planning

POSTED BY Aman ON May 9, 2012 6:21 pm COMMENTS (2)

What should be appropriate allocation of fund (in %) to different classes of investment ; taking an example age 30 and want to retire @ 55:

(1) Direct Equity: (2) MF: (3) FD/PPF: (4) Gold:

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  1. Dear Aman, please read my reply in addition to dear justgrowmymoney.

    I’m unable to understand the place of Gold in a retirement portfolio. If a person is saving for his kids marriage, I can understand the allocation towards Gold but not for retirement.

    Can you provide any specific reason for the same.

    Please do note, your own condition may change after 3-5-7Y & accordingly your asset allocation may change or should be changed as per new situation. So again it’s floating kind thing & not a fixed for life type.



  2. Asset allocation depends on one’s personal risk taking ability as well among other factors [including age]. There is no one size fits all.

    Where are you Current investments/savings etc. and what are your financial goals, if any, in addition to retirement?

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