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hi, this is purnima. i earn 600000 per annum. i invest 50000 per annum in ppf, 20000 in elss, 18000 in kotak life and 22000 in lic. I would like some solid fund for retirement. but i am confused about what to do. Say a corpus of 30 lacs will be of some help. can u suggest some planning.

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  1. Narayan says:

    You should start investing towards retirement with whatever sum you can and as early as possible. This way you gain from long-term power of compounding and the benefit of riding various market cycles. There is no specific figure that you can put to the sum that you will need in retirement unlike say a goal to accumulate Rs 50 lakh for a flat or Rs 7 lakh to buy a car.

    Start investing early and understand that investing towards retirement is an ongoing process which you need to frequently review to arrive at a corpus that will meet your requirements in retirement. There are several online tools available to indicate how much you need to save/invest based on assumed inflation and return rates to arrive at the sum that should see you through in retirement.

  2. Ramesh says:

    Dear Mr. Bhumesh,

    Can you please elaborate on how this contribution is going to be used?

    And specific links have been removed, because of forum rules. Thanks.


  3. Dear Purnima, Please answer the following questions.

    1. your current age
    2. mly expenses
    3. current sum assured from those LIC & Kotak policies
    4. any running loan say home or car
    5. marital status
    6. If married, what about the income of your spouse
    7. if married size of family & no. of dependents
    8. age of kids if any
    9. retirement age as per your job & your own take
    10. May I know how do you come to that 30L figure sufficient thinking?

    If you feel I’m asking too many personal questions. You may chose to ignore answering anything. In case you want to keep privacy for your private data & ready to share, please ask dear Manish to provide my e-mail id to you.




    Hi Purnima,

    No need to have any confusion. There are lot of people in jagoinvestor who can clear our doubts . so feel free to ask your doubts.

    1. Fix a target (Achievable one) for your retirement based on your age

    2. Invest in 3 or 4 Diversified equity funds thru SIP with good track record.Stricly follow an asset allocation based on your risk apettite (EQuity, and Debt)

    3. Take a term plan. Avoid Money back policies. Insurance is different from investment.

    you need to mention ur current age and retirement age to provide a planning.

    Thanks and regards

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