Required PPF Subscription received date confirmation by PPF Authority or by Bank

POSTED BY logamuthu ON November 9, 2014 10:09 am NO COMMENTS

When I make a subscription to my PPF Account the Bank Branch just makes the appropriate entry in my PPF Pass Book and also in their system immediately OTC. I am told that the Branch will send the info to IOB, Nagpur the same day but there is no way I can  get confirmation about the date IOB, Nagpur has remitted to PPF Account.

Since it is critical that my subscription reaches PPF from My Bank on or before the 5th of the month, it is but fair that my anxiety in this respect should get relieved by my getting  a confirmation from my Bank (or PPF Authority – I don\’t have their e-mail ID) that the subscription has been remitted by my Bank, Nagpur to PPF Authority in time (and not delayed due to problems in my Bank, Nagpur like system crash, concerned officer being on leave etc., etc., which are all too common nowadays!).

As a parallel, when the branch makes TDS on my term deposits, the branch gets a Confirmatory  Challan Number which I can also get by requesting Form 16A. I wish either the PPF Authority\’s Treasury or my bank would similarly send me a confirmation message indicating the date on which my subscription has been committed by my bank to the Treasury of PPF.

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