Request to suggest some Children Plan

POSTED BY B Murali Mohan ON October 24, 2011 11:17 am COMMENTS (2)

Dear Manishji,
I am new member to this forum. The articles you have uploaded here is very useful.
Can you please suggest me some CHILDREN PLAN which I wanted to do for my new born daughter.


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  1. Murli

    There are various children plans in market , but mostly they are all ULIP’s with some added benefits . WHy do you want to buy them ? What do you want to create in your financial life ? Please explain that ?

    We suggest keeping it simple , by taking a term plan nad just putting money in mutual funds via SIP


    1. B.Murali Mohan says:

      I am (35yrs) working with a private company (Bhushan Steel Ltd.) in Bhubaneswar. I having family of 3 members i.e. my wife (26yrs), a daughter (0yr) and me (35yrs) residing here in Bhubaneswar. I want to invest for my daughter for her future education and marriage. Please suggest me how much amount should I invest (monthly) and in which children plan???

      My net salary is 27000/- p.m. and my total expenditures are as follows:
      Rs. 1000 pm – SIP – HDFC growth 200
      Rs. 2000 pm – SIP – Axis Bank
      Rs. 10000/-: (Yly): LIC
      Rs. 20,000/-: (Yly) Max Newyork Life Insurance.
      Rs. 5000/- pm: House Rent payment
      Rs. 2500/- pm : Postal RD

      Kindly suggest me.

      B.Murali Mohan

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