Request to advice for the good mediclaim

POSTED BY chirag ON November 21, 2012 6:22 pm ONE COMMENT

I went through many answeres provided by you / your team. Excellent advise/guidence to people.

I am looking for a best mediclaim policy for me & my family. Following are some of the details.

My age is 32, wife age is 29, My father age is 64, Mom age is 58. Me and my wife is having mediclaim of employer where we are working. And my parents having only 2 lacs mediclaim.

Overall health is good in my family but by considering age factor, i would like to have good mediclaim with reasonable premium, reliable and having a good ratio of provided claims.

Please advice and oblige.

Also would like to know about best health insurance provider.

Anticipating your favorable reply soon.


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  1. Raj says:

    At this age of your parents it is very hard to get Mediclaim from private players in the market. I’ve similarly aged parents and my effort to get them on Mediclaim with Apollo Munich failed.

    Best option would be using your employer provided Mediclaim for your parents and stick with it for a while and get it ported out to your preferred provider. With my current employer ICICI’s group policy on Mediclaim can be ported / continued after 2 years even when you quit the job.

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