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POSTED BY Pramod bodla ON December 18, 2012 11:37 pm COMMENTS (5)


I Opened a PPF account in SBI where  i have my savings account also.

My sir name was wrong in the account details.

I applied for a change in sir name . Branch manager said they can change only in savings account not in PPF account they dont touch that.

What is the procedure to change the sir name in ppf account??

When i verified by online both my savings and ppf accounts new sir name got reflected





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  1. Prasad says:

    Hi, I have saving & ppf account in the name of PRASAD C but now I want to update my name as PRASAD C M is it possible to update my name in my savings & ppf account, if possible can you please provide the steps to update my name. I have updated my pan name as PRASAD C MM & I visited icici branch asking details regarding the process but they are telling you not able to update your name.

    1. You need to fill up the form for name update, you will have to give the proof for the new NAME

  2. Yes I think this maybe possible if the new bank understands that a mistake has been made by the old bank. Of course to convince the new bank you need ID proof

  3. Pramod bodla says:

    Hi thanks for the reply
    I will try to file an RTI for this.
    Is it possible to change the sir name if i transfer the ppf account to some other bank account.


  4. When you say your surname was entered wrong it is assumed that you gave it correctly and the bank made a mistake.

    Write a letter to the bank requesting for correcting this, make two copies and get an date or receipt seal from the bank in one of them for your records.
    In the letter request them to attach this to your original application (no guarantee they will do it but at least have written it)
    They may not be able to or dont want to make changes in the comp. At least from your part you have requested them and it is on record. This will avoid future problems if any,

    Even if they did not change it, they will have your photograph and signature. Give a copy of that photograph to your nominee to ensure they don’t face any hardship
    Establishing identity should not be a problem

    You can also file a RTI about the procedure to correct names in PPF accounts and the bank will be obliged to respond.

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