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I am currently having reliance vision fund with 40% profit.  Considering the current market condition can i book the profit now ? or  can i continue with this fund for long term (next 10 yrs) ? 
I am having other MF’s also as listed below:
1.)HDFC Prudence
2.)HDFC TOP 200
Pls suggest.


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  1. Ramesh Mangal says:


    There is no single “ultimate” product in any asset class!

    Extremely low cost of ownership? They charge you 1.5% per annum. Max allowed for any equity fund is 2.5% and by a large number of well performing funds is about 1.8-2.1%.

    All other things mentioned above are provided by any equity fund.

    A difference of max 1% at the loss of good stock selection (active management) does not appeal to me, and definitely does not make it the ultimate product.

  2. harichand says:

    One of the Orkut group discussed about this fund which makes me think about this .

    “There’s only one genuine equity investment vehicle. How about buying the whole market itself (without caring for any single stock)? Wait a second – there’s no point in buying every penny stock too. Buy those best 500 stocks together, you are holding almost everything in the whole equity market itself. By almost, I mean, 94% of the total market capitalization.
    Top it up with no brokerage, no entry charges, extremely less costs of ownership.
    Hold for 3 years, no need to pay exit load.
    No need for a demat account. No need to discuss which stock broker is good.
    No need to talk about diversification. You cannot get more diversification than a holding of 500 stocks across all caps and themes and sectors.
    No need to talk about value/growth/GARP bias. Everything in the fund. With one purchase request. With one cheque.
    Add on ultimate liquidity. You submit redemption request and get your money back on a T+3 settlement.
    Invest regularly – you have an SIP option.
    You end up with the ultimate equity product in India.
    Very carefully go through all the material published by Benchmak Asset Management Company, here:

  3. Ramesh Mangal says:

    There is no right or wrong time for starting a SIP.

    But what has prompted you to go with this particular fund? That is the more important question to ask!

  4. bharat shah says:

    @ramesh mangal and @moneysavingshelp

    i concur your views. may i request to reply my question in ‘forum’ for seeking advice/comment on my diversified equity mutual funds portfolio?

    1. harichand says:

      @ramesh mangal and @moneysavingshelp

      Thanks for your suggestion. I plan to add one more fund Benchmark S@P CNX 500 benchmark index fund in my portfolio as monthly sip. Is this right time to start that ?

  5. Ramesh Mangal says:

    All your funds have been good including QLTEF (quantum long term equity fund). Remain invested.
    Only book profit if you have identified a better prospect for your money. Do not go by recent past performances of any fund. Senseless churning is not good for long term investment goals.

  6. Do not try to time the market. It’s difficult to control emotions when you’re sitting on good profit and see market volatility. But that’s the way to continue with your profit. Just invest more if market takes regular dips.

    HDFC mutual funds are fine. Could not understand QLTEF.

    Hope it will help you.

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