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POSTED BY Rajat Bhatia ON March 8, 2013 7:17 pm COMMENTS (2)



I have invested lump sum in following sector funds few months back, and both the funds are around 5-6% down now. 


Reliance Media & Entertain (G)  

Reliance Pharma Fund (G)


Sector funds are never advised and it was a kind of gamble from my part.

But what should I do now?

Should I just ignore it and it may give good return in longer run?

Or sell these once it completes one year, when there’s no exit load?

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  1. Ganesh says:

    Hi Rajat,

    What made you enter the funds in the first place? If the same conditions prevail now, hold on. If they do not, sell your funds – as simple as that.

    If it was a pure gamble, decide if you want to take another gamble by ‘hoping’ that the funds would turn around in the next few months. Sell or retain based on this.


  2. Dear Rajat, do you expect any of us to answer your GAMBLE? It’s was your shot & only you c an answer it to continue or to redeem.



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