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POSTED BY Naveen CN ON July 10, 2011 2:28 pm COMMENTS (2)


I am investing in Reliance Growth through SIP from last three years. I have checked in valueresearchonline that the returns from this fund is not as good as some of the other funds in its category(mid and small cap). What should I do, Should I switch to others good performing funds in the category ?  or else should I move to some other Large and MipCap fund ? Please suggest .. 

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  1. Jagadees says:


    For the past couple of years, reliance growth could not able to replicate its spectacular performance of past. Its huge corpus of 7000 crores has become a handicap in the fund’s performance due to the small and midcap category it belongs. It cant take bold entry and exit call as other nimble-footed small corpus funds in this category.

    Regarding switching – Nobody can take a call unless people know about your goals, portfoilo, monthly sip allocation etc.


  2. Gaurang Desai says:

    switch to Reliance Regular Saving Fund – Equity option or Reliance Equity opportunities Fund – both ar giving good returns 🙂

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