Reliance Gold Savings Fund

POSTED BY Ajay ON February 16, 2011 9:52 pm COMMENTS (6)

Reliance Gold Savings Fund is a new fund that will invest 95 – 100 % in Reliance Gold ETF 

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What are your views on this ?


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  1. Hi Jagdees,

    The gold fund unlike gold ETFs (exchange-traded funds) doesn’t require subscribers to have a demat account and gives them an option to invest as little as Rs 100 per month.


    Online Support Team
    Reliance Mutual Fund

  2. Neelesh Singh says:


    You can get the detailed discussion of costs at

    Mr. Srikant discusses about its various aspects.


  3. Please refer to my blog post in this regard for a cost comparison –



    1. Hemant B says:

      Hi Friends,

      I agree with thought of Srikanth – I think it’s very expensive for long term investor

  4. Jagadees says:

    Investor should be wary about the dual recurring charges – total 1.5% (Fund-0.5% and underlying ETF-1%). Being a passive investment, i found the charges on the higher side. Try not to have more than 10% gold investment in the total portfolio.


    1. Debashis Basu says:

      Its an innovative product from a Mutual Fund company’s perspective but it is expensive and pushes risk onto people who may not fully understand it.
      I am curious to see what is the money they collect. I would be surprised if its a large sum because target customers cannot be reached the traditional way of advertising + “financial planners”

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