Reliability of FundSuperMart

POSTED BY Sylvestor ON April 26, 2012 1:10 pm COMMENTS (3)

FundSuperMart is just another online brocker like FundsIndia. I want to know how reliable it is. Kindly share you experience with FundSuperMart.

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  1. Dear Sylvestor, it’s a personal call to opt fundsindia, fundsupermart or moneysights. Each one of these has it’s own plus points. Chose the one which fulfills your requirements.

    Disclosure – I’m using fundsindia for my own investment.



  2. Renu Chauhan says:

    The edge with Fundsupermart is that they have their own in-house research and investment support as well. Would agree with Manish that they are one of the early players in online mutual funds investing. Also they have more options of Fund houses and banks available with them. Would suggest you to use the respective online chats and understand their offerings before taking decision 🙂


  3. Fundssupermart is one of the early players in online mutual funds investing , I have met the MD of the company 1-2 times . The company has reach in 4 asian countries and if you know they have ifast platform too . So I think you can go with them . the only thing is you dont see their name and discussion as much as fundsindia has . I would say you can go with fundsindia for online investing in mutual funds . Moneysights is another new option


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