Rejection based on the cause of deaths in Aviva Life

POSTED BY kapi.goel ON October 5, 2011 9:46 am COMMENTS (10)

Hi All,

I have a question on the definition of \”illegal death\” for term insurances.

Aviva i-Life online term plan, covers the 360 degree of death (I got to know this from product specialist from Aviva) except the suicide commit with in one yr of taking policy.

I also checked the offline option from Aviva, the Branch head told me “if you are involved in any of the illegal activities and death occurs”, then this type of death is not covered.

So My doubt is on the discrepency between offline and online term plan.

According to me “illegal” is a very broad term.

1. Driving while consuming alcohol is also illegal

2. 6 people Travelling in a tourist taxi with 4+1 limit, is also illegal

3. Jumping traffic signal is also illegal.

So if death occurs, in the course of above illegal activities, then Aviva might reject the claim.

Please help me to clarify on my doubts.



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  1. Typically the illegal activity refers to one that will go to a criminal court. If you are a accomplice in crime – and die in the chase/shoot out then the claim will be rejected. If you are convicted to death by a court then the Insurance will not cover that.

    If your case would go to a civil court – like jumping a signal, overload in a car/taxi etc. then a death occurring by this would be covered.

    You wont find this explicitly in any policy but will hold strong in your favour should a dispute arise (Per one of my lawyer uncles specialized in Civil law).

  2. Kapil

    Untill and unless thats present in the policy document, I personally wont believe anyone ! . ask them as it is not mentioned in policy document, why should you trust them on phone ?

  3. kapi.goel says:

    Right, Kotak guy said to me, they started covering this aspect too.

    Many companies still doesn’t cover T.Attack & C.War


  4. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear kapi.goel, What I assume from this 360 deg. cover is that the death is covered for terrorist attack as well as civil war etc. as same is not covered under some of term plans.



  5. kapi.goel says:


    I agree with you, thats why i am now trying to get more and more info on this ambiguous term “illegal” from Kotak and Aviva.

    Kapil Goel

  6. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Kapi.goel, for the info posted by you, here is an imaginary situation – I killed someone & sentenced to death. “ll in this case too the Aviva online plan ‘ll provide cover to my family?

    I doubt for their 360 deg. view.



  7. kapi.goel says:


    For Kotak (offline) and Aviva (online) term plans, Customer care have confirmed, that death is covered with a 360 degree view, only exceptions is suicide with in 1 yr of taking policy.


  8. Dominic Prakash says:

    Not only Aviva almost all insurers will reject in such cases.

  9. kapi.goel says:


    Its not so simple actually.

    See every person, don’t break the law intentionally, it happened some times without knowledge.

    Signal jump by mistake and death occurs in an accident, here jumping a signal is illegal as per the indian traffic rules.

    I have already illustrated the examples in my above post.


  10. Abhishek says:

    You should ask this question to AVIVA Life Customer Care or Branch Manager..

    What I understand from illegal to keep it simple..Any activities which is not permitted by Law. If you are not going to break any law, then dont think too much..


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