Registration of a Property

POSTED BY Ram ON January 21, 2013 3:22 pm COMMENTS (2)

I would like to purchase a property from my one of the best friend. But, due to some reasons, presently, we dont want to go for land registration in my name. The property will remain in the name of my friend in the revenue records.

My friend is ready to give me any kind of agreement. Can I take a GPA kind of letter from him or which document from him would be best for me for my future legal process. Or shall we go for Notary of the agreement between us? Kindly help.

Thanks in advance, Ram

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  1. Dear Ram, please do not play with fire. Either do not purchase at all or go for final registration right now. You & your friend, both can be honest but imagine a situation, just after entering the deal with you, your friend is no more, how ‘ll you claim the property from his legal heirs? Just consult this possible scenario with an advocate & you ‘ll come to know the merit of this transaction.

    Please go for full & final settlement including property registration in your name.



    1. Ram says:

      Thank you Ashal ji. As per your advise, I will contact the Advocate and get the things settle.
      Regards, Ram

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