regd the fake club accounts in fooling deposits done already

POSTED BY manikanta chaitanya lokanadham ON January 10, 2012 3:35 pm COMMENTS (2)

hi manish ,
just you might be knwoing this and hearing from many that people are trying to fool others by asking them to deposit money in search of job r to work as male escorts etc and getting deposited money when we asked them the same in the banks regarding this they were saying before depoiting money you should know and how bank is responsible for your negligence , may be they were right and i just wish to know can we atleast block those accounts and atleast help others in not getting robbed by these junk fake accounts and most of the time its in icici and few recently found in sbi as well this is so annoying for us to know even the govt authorised banks have this much problems can we solve this issue and i can give further details of the accounts and i deposited 25k til now and its an year now i came to know about this forum want to bring to your notice thats it. can u help me out in removing this crap

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  1. Manikanta

    Can you give more details on this ? Who contacted you ? What did he say ? What documents he showed to you ?


  2. Dear Manikanta Chaitanya, I’m not feeling sorry for your plight. I may sound a bit rude to you but my dear friend, there is no such thing – free lunch, in this world. To add it – Greed is the father of Sin.

    I’m happy for the fact that after draining down your hard earned money to the tune of 25K Rs. now you have realized the truth.

    Anyway, please do not feel shy to discuss this thing among your friends & relatives to save some more people.

    As far as banks’ they are not responsible for the account opened by some one & used for this purpose.



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