Regarding Term Insurance Policy

POSTED BY Vikas Ratnawat ON December 22, 2012 3:54 pm ONE COMMENT

Dear Sir,

I am planning to take term insurance policy. As there are many policies in market, Which one is good and reliable? Please suggest me. As i am going to complete 28 years in march 2013 so should i take the policy before that? Is this premium come under tax benefit?

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  1. You will find how much you need and enter the data in websites like policy bazaar to compare premiums

    If you need to fill the form honestly the company should not matter. You could choose depending on your comfort level and premium paying ability.
    Every one makes a call like that only.

    You can look at claim settlement ratios but the general assumption is that claims which were not settled by companies are cases where forms where not filled up truthfully or correctly.

    A company which asks you to do a medical test (they will bear the cost) at least takes the due care before issuing policies.

    There are companies which offer 1 crore without medicals. I will avoid that.

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