Regarding Tata AIA Life InvestAssure Sampatti

POSTED BY Samrat ON June 23, 2013 12:04 am COMMENTS (2)


I am investing in Tata AIA Life InvestAssure Sampatti 20K pa. 4th yr is running. I am not very satisfied with this plan. Pls suggest me, is this ULIP plan good? if not what I should do. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Samrat says:

    Thanks Ashal for the response. Will you suggest me to stick to it for some more time. Can you pls throw some more insight on this policy’s performance in past. Thanks again in advance!

  2. Dear Samrat, if you are not satisfied, what should be my obvious suggestion to you? Simple surrender. That’s it. Please do check for Surrender charges & decide on your own that you are ready to bite the bullet or not.



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