regarding SIP investment to or to continue

POSTED BY Rtiu Yadav ON September 26, 2012 12:23 pm COMMENTS (4)

I am investing in two SIPs of 1000 rupees each in Magnum Multiplier growth and Magnum Contra  (G) for past two years and it will continue for further three years more. As these funds r not performing well I wanted to stop these SIPs should I hold or Stop the SIP kindly help.

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  1. Dear Ritu, please stop SIP in these 2 funds & divert a single SIP of 2K Rs. in Quantum Long Term Eq. fund Growth option.



    1. Rtiu Yadav says:

      Sure, I ll immediately stop these two funds SIP n start in d fund as told by u. Can u tell some more SIP for Gold fund n how is Sundaram Equity plus performing n should I satrt a SIP in Sundaram Financial Services Opportunity fund.


      1. Dear Ritu, why are you asking for Gold fund? Any reason or just out of curiosity? Same question for other funds?



  2. gurinder says:

    HI Ritu Yadav,

    As the market for the last two years is down, you have kept the investment in SIP is good thing. I should suggest you to hold it for the next three years as the market in next three years will be very good and SIP will give u better returns..



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