Regarding sbi max gain transactions

POSTED BY Vikas chauhan ON March 1, 2013 10:22 pm ONE COMMENT


these are the transactions

FIRST DISBURSEMENT OF RS 10 LACS WAS ON 17.1.13. (Debit entry)

31.1.13   Debit interest of Rs 4171(this I think is the interest of 15 days from 17 th to 31st jan)

23.2.13 credit entry of Emi of Rs 57318.(this had to be on 20.2.13 but due to Bharat bandh and closure of bank it is this date and yes this is the first Emi)

28.2.13 DEBIT INTEREST RS 7689.(this is the query.when I have paid full Emi for February ie principal +interest  why again this debit entry of interest)

Can somebody please clarify

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  1. Dear Vikas, are you aware or not that in an overdraft account the debit entry for interest takes place only on the last day of the month. Now interestingly either you do not know or missed the point that Max Gain home loan is an Overdraft facility. So the interest due on you ‘ll be debited only on the last day of the month.

    If still you are unable to understand, I w’d request you to post your query in the original max gain thread so that others may also be benefited from your queries & my answers.



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