Regarding Reverese Motrgauge

POSTED BY Rammohanseshadri ON October 31, 2010 3:04 pm COMMENTS (3)

Dear Sir

  I want to know wheather a person apting reverse mortgauge should live in the property or if he owns the property is enough to avail this facility. Please clarify.

Thanking you

Rammohan Seshadri

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  1. venshu says:

    @ Rammohan,

    Here is the link to Manish’s article on ‘Reverse Mortgage’:

  2. rakesh says:


    Manish had written a very good article on Reverse Mortgage.
    Just search in the blog and you will get all the information.


  3. generally its given to those who are living in the property , but it can be taken if you have the property in the name of yours .


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