regarding opening a DMAT account

POSTED BY prakash arumugam ON January 22, 2012 7:27 pm COMMENTS (4)

hi guys,

 i am planning to open a DMAT account in ICICI bank, is it preferable, i am having my salary account in ICICI, they told the maintenance charge is just RE 1 per annum….can i open it?? 

help me guys

thanks in advance

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  1. prakash arumugam says:

    thanks for ur reply guys…….

  2. Abhijeet says:

    Hey prakash i am application SharKhan and ICICI Direct Demat account. Sharekhan provides added all-encompassing affection and added able-bodied and added over Sharekhan is a arch online agent in India.

  3. Yogesh K says:

    Hi Prakash,

    I have used HDFC, ICICI & India Inforline trading accounts.

    I think where to open account mainly depends on how you are going to deal in shares. ICICI service is good but the brokerage charges are high. so if you will not be trading regularly in shares then I will suggest go for ICICI as it has good user interface.
    Indiainfoline takes one time account opening charges (~750) and then there is no annual maintenance charges. The brokearge is also less.
    Few companies run schemes like if once trade for certain amount then he can get some refund from annula maintenance charges. So please check from that aspec also.

    – Yogesh

  4. Dear Prakash, If the terms & condition of the demat + trading account are acceptable to you, you may go ahead. Please confirm that this 1 Rs. AMC is one time affair or life time? What I want to understand is – as your salary account is with ICICI, the demat & tradin account is available to you at a discounted price, but do check, what ‘ll be the case once your salary credit happens with other bank (due to your job change or employer’s own set up with another bank)?



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