Regarding my CIBIL score

POSTED BY Amol Malthankar ON April 26, 2013 5:16 pm ONE COMMENT


Hi Manish,


I had 1 Stan Charted Bank credit card. And bank cheated on me in various ways. And when I denied to pay the amount they reported it to CIBIL (of which I was not aware of at that time), so ultimately my CIBIL score got affected badly and currently my CIBIL score is 640, bt finally I faught with bank and they admited their mistake and they reversed all the due amount.


Now I got no dues letter as well from bank, but as my CIBIL score is still low, its affecting me in many ways, creating problems for me while applying for bank loan n all…so even though it was not my mistake but still I am suffering because of my CIBIL score.


So what should I do now, how can I increase my CIBIL score, should I send that no duos letter to CIBIL? if yes then how ? please advise me the ways which will help me to increase my CIBIL score.


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  1. Dear Amol, as the matter is resolved with S&C now, please file a dispute with CIBIL for correction in your DATA. The CIBIl ‘ll do the nedful to get the updated info in to it’s system & accordingly your score ‘ll improve. Till the time, the score is not improved, please do not apply for any other loan be it personal or home or car or credit card.



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