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POSTED BY Prakash Jena ON June 5, 2013 5:03 pm COMMENTS (3)

Dear Ashal,

I have a question regarding the moratorium period.

I have taken loan on 28th February 2013 and my EMI date has to be started on August 2013. and i decided to pay only interest on these 6 months i.e starting from 18K to 22K.

But when I went through you blog, i thought it is better to go for full EMI from day1 instead of 6 months moaratorium period. I contacted the RACPC manager and he told me that only 100 rupees benift will be there you  want to start EMI from April.

Here my concern is

— What the manager is saying, is it correct thatonly 100 rupees will be benified only?

— I have transfer the interest from my salary acount to loan account. if now they will go for EMI from April, Will they again transfer 29K(which they have calculated for Monthly EMI) X3 (april,May,June) from my salary acount and transfer the intreset to my salaryu acount?

— What should i do, should i go for EMI date from April or August? Which one will benifit me more.

Thanks in advance.


should i go for full EMI from April or i

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  1. Dear Prakash, the difference ‘ll be adjusted towards loan balance so it’s a good choice.



  2. Dear Prakash, we are already in June 2013, How can you start EMI from April 2013?



    1. Prakash Jena says:

      Hi Ashal,

      I escalated this issue to the AGM,RACPC from April 2013 and i am following with this issue from that time onward.

      Therefore they agreed to start EMI from April and the difference ( EMI-Interest) will be debited from my account.

      Please let me know if it is good choice or not.


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