Regarding Instant Credit card updation in CIBIL without asking ?

POSTED BY Rajasekhar N ON September 25, 2014 7:37 pm NO COMMENTS

As I raised earlier an issue of instant credit card The same has been repeated in the month of March’14, and Sep’ 14. When I ask the bank to update my repayment info in CIBIL then only they are moving to update with in period of 15 days after raising an issue. And that too in bulk mode (all pending months updation at a time).

But I don’t find any score improvement even they updates 3 times for the last 1.5 Years. Will you plz suggest me which bank instant card repayment info is updated in CIBIL without asking them..? So that I can move to it. In the past 2 years I closed 4 consumer loans (Bajaj EMI card) , and 1 personnel loan is continuing …now. No missing payments. But my score is 746 ..down frm 750. Dont know the reason. Will you plz suggest..!!! Thanq in advance. Rajasekhar

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