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Hi all.

If Franklin Templeton is a single AMC in india, then why do some funds have prefix “Franklin”, others “Templeton”?

eg. Franklin (not Franklin Templeton) India Bluechip.

     Templeton (not Franklin Templeton) India Equity Income.

Please clarify,


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  1. Kuntal says:

    Hi bemoneyaware,
    Thanks for taking time to research my question.


    1. bemoneyaware says:

      Your question was so interesting that I couldn’t resist finding out. I wish I could have given concrete answer.
      Good observation Kuntal!

  2. bemoneyaware says:

    Very interesting question. While I was not able to find exact answer what I found from Franklin Templeton websiteThe Franklin Templeton Story is as follows:

    Franklin Templeton Investments is a global investment manager with over $727 billion in assets under management. At the core of our business are multiple world-class investment management groups — Franklin, Templeton and Mutual Series — each operating independently and offering their unique perspectives to financial advisors and their clients.

    The separate management groups at Franklin, Templeton and Mutual Series each started over 60 years ago. They continue to operate independently, relying on their own research and staying true to the disciplined investment philosophies at the root of their success.

    Franklin. Founded 1947 — A recognized leader in fixed income investing and the largest municipal bond fund provider in the U.S. Equity expertise in growth-, core- and value-style funds.
    Templeton. Founded 1940 — Synonymous, for more than half a century, with global and emerging markets investing. Sir John Templeton pioneered international investing and, in 1954, launched what is now the industry’s oldest global fund.
    Mutual Series. Founded 1949 — Dedicated to a unique style of value investing, searching aggressively for what it believes are undervalued stocks, as well as arbitrage situations and distressed securities. These strategies are designed to help reduce risk and seek to deliver solid risk-adjusted returns across market cycles.

    Templeton joins Franklin in 1992
    India office was set up in 1996 as Templeton Asset Management India Pvt. Limited. It flagged off the mutual fund business with the launch of Templeton India Growth Fund in September 1996,

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