Regarding change of salary account from one bank to another.

POSTED BY Vineeth Govind ON February 1, 2013 9:08 am COMMENTS (11)


i have changed my slary account from bank X to bank Y yesterday. My question is, will bank X come to know in any ways that i have discontinued from their service before next month end(salary crediting time) ?? 

If they come to know about this, there will come some minimum balance policies since its not salary account anymore and i will loose my hard earned money….please answer my query..

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  1. aakash says:

    I am having salary account in axis bank, I also have a saving account in SBI bank. Now I want to change my salary in SBI . what prosiser to required. Kindly inform me as soon as possible.

    1. Hi aakash

      Thanks for asking your question. However, I dont think I am eligible to answer your query as its either out of scope of my knowledge or its not related to money matter directly


    2. amarendra barman says:

      How write an application about salary account one bank to another bank

  2. Bunty Bhandari says:

    I want to switch my salary account from HDFC bank to SBI. How can we do that?
    Awaiting for answer. Thank you.

    1. There is no concept of SWITCH ! .

      You need to open an account with SBI !

  3. rajendra sain says:

    I want to take my pension from other bank because my bank is far from my hometown so please suggest how can I change my bank

    1. Sir, that you need to check with your pension provider. You might have to change the bank account with them

      ANother option is to make sure you have netbanking and ATM enabled with the bank so that you can withdraw the money without visiting the bank


  4. Vineeth Govind says:

    hi Ashal,
    thanks for the comment..i really dont knw why MNC banks require a week for opening new account. may be they hav too many new customers….

  5. Dear Vineeth, if the salary ‘ll not be credited for next 2-3 months in to your old salary account, the system ‘ll raise a flag & ICICI staff ‘ll come to know of this & accordingly your acct. ‘ll be converted to a normal one. This ‘ll not happen overnight so you do have time on your side.

    By the way, in today’s high speed world I’m unable to understand that the new account opening is going to take several days??? Am I missing something here?



  6. Vineeth Govind says:

    Thank you Bond Bhai ..yes, two weeks of time will be enough for me to transfer the amount as the new account is in the process of setting up. 🙂

  7. Bond Bhai says:

    I am not sure about other banks, but ICICI says this in their T&C –

    If no credits are made to the account for a continuous period of 6 months, ICICI Bank reserves the right to change the status of the Salary account to ICICI bank saving account without any intimation to the account holder and the terms and conditions as applicable to the ICICI bank saving account shall apply to this account from the date of change of the status.

    So yeah, the banks will know. But its not usually like the very next day they will implement this. It might take sometime, like 6months/3months etc.

    If you are worried about Min Balance amount etc, withdraw the amount and put it in Bank where there are no such restrictions.

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