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POSTED BY Gopal Soni ON April 24, 2012 7:02 pm COMMENTS (2)


I have read almost all the articles on this website regarding term insurance, but still confused which term insurance to buy. I saw lot of complaints regarding HDFC, ICICI etc that they are not responding, customer care not working, policy document not etc. LIC has not yet started its online term policy (not sure when will it start).

How, then on the earth, we can be sure of buying the right policy.

Please suggest. If any one has taken any policy, please share your experience with the companies.


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  1. Dear Gopal, the answer lies in your own comfort level with a particular insurer. If you are in doubt for HDFC or ICICI Pru, you may check Aviva or Aegon or Metlife or Kotak for online policies or apart from the insurers discussed above – SBI & India First for offline term covers.

    Waiting endlessly for the best product is keeping your family always on the edge of sword. Please opt wherever you are comfortable at present. Once you get next best thing, you have the option to switch to it.



  2. My first preference would be LIC. I understand it is expensive but yet i would go with something that has be in there from long time and has got good settlement rate.

    Next i may opt fo HDFC or SBI/Kotak. I again may go for offline. Insurance agent whom i know or is trustable. Not the relative who gives you endowment gift.

    Note : i dont sell any product nor market any insurance.

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