reforms or developments in life/heath/general insurance on-line policy front

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FAQ from:

15. Should I buy these Online Term Plans?
No, in view of bad customer experiences, it is better to follow a wait and watch policy. If you’re in a hurry consider the cheaper options among the conventional offline plans.

Can somebod comment on what reforms or developments are going on in life/heath/general insurance on-line policy front; so that customer can take informed decision.

Customer1: if in hurry can get clue from above answer…

Customer2: not in hurry and can wait for 1yr

Any ideas?

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  1. Dear KK Babu, while filling the details for your medical & health condition as well as job profile, please disclose each & every detail. Even a minor thing not reported by you, may become the cause of claim denial.

    So tell all – is my call.



  2. Dear KK Babu, Regarding Aviva – a small disclosure from my side.

    I recently applied for I-life. Paid the prem. After initial Medical check up (ECG, Blood sampling, Urine sample…. all done at my home as the medical team visited my home), the x-ray & some more detailed check ups were demanded & I obliged the same by visiting the medical centre appointed to my (actually i had the choice in my city out of the 3 centers, which one to pick up). Also a detailed questionnaire regarding my job profile & actual responsibilities was asked. The prem. was loaded up & I happily accepted the same but as per my current cash flow position, reduced the original sum assured to a more manageable level in terms of prem.

    I’m happy now for the fact that – a detailed medical check up & the risk involved with my life due to my job profile has been considered by the insurer & after the hike in the prem. insurer is ready to cover my life.

    Till this time, I’m happy with the way Aviva people have serviced me. I hope my own experience ‘ll show you some guidelines.

    Opting Aviva or not ‘ll be a personal call.



    1. KK Babu says:

      Thanks Ashal ji

      As per your previous advises, I would love to go with Aviva.
      Also happy that you are also covered by Aviva.
      Thanks for your suggestions.
      Regards, KK Babu

  3. Dear Hiral, taking lessons from their earlier online plans, Aegon Religare & Icici Pru, both have improved their product. HDFC is the new kid for online term cover but before opening the online product to general public, HDFC people tested their system though their employees & associates. I was offered the new online term plan from HDFC in the pre launch stage.

    The big daddy of life insurance in India LIC is also coming with it’s online term cover within next few months.

    Earlier very limited online plans were available from general insurers, but the things are changing now. Specially check the new restore feature of Apollo’s new health policy.

    As for as question of waiting, My take ‘ll be to go & purchase a cover at least 1/2 of original requirement. Having a part cover is always better than no cover at all.



    1. KK Babu says:

      Dear Ashal ji

      You have mentioned about improvements in Aegon Religare and ICICI. Sir. what about, Aviva I-Life Policy. They have improved or yet to?
      KK Babu

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