Redeem or Continue!! That is the Question!!

POSTED BY Ramchandra Nathgosavi ON August 20, 2013 2:47 pm COMMENTS (3)


I am investing in mutual funds from last two & half years, monthly 1000/- each in following mutual funds: HDFC Equity Fund- Growth, ICICI Prudential Foucused Bluechip Equity fund- Regular Plan- Growth, Reliance Equiy Opportunities Fund- Growth Plan Growth Option & Reliance Gold Saving fund- Growth Plan Growth Option.

Currently, since last 6-8 months, all my funds showing either loss or very less profit. So, shall I redeem these funds or continue with them with hope that they will grow in future? Is there any chances in future t increase the market? Please advise.



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  1. Arpit Goyal says:

    In total you have 4 Funds..2 are Large Cap Funds..1 is Midcap & last is the Gold Fund.
    Looking at your portfolio I can say that funds selection is good.
    Although I would suggest that You could replace your Reliance Equity Oppurtunities Fund with either SBI Emerging Business fund or UTI Oppurtunities Fund Growth Option.
    Keep the horizon of 3-5 Years..if you have availability of funds I would suggest this is the best time to make purchases or start SIP. do make additional purchases through online transactions on the day markets fell significantly. Remember to do so gradually over a period.
    Do not panic with market condition because this is the best time to go Shopping..

  2. Dear Ram, now is the time to increase your investment in MFs.



    1. Ramchandra Nathgosavi says:

      Thanks Sir!!!! 🙂

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