Recommend a demat account with low brokerage (2-3k investment per month)

POSTED BY Sumit Nathany ON February 19, 2013 11:58 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi Manish,
I am regular reader of your blog from past 6 months or so. Your blog is very informative and i really like your way of writing. It’s not biased. I hope that you will continue writing such eye-opening articles.

I have one query. I want to start investing in share market. I want to open a demat account for that. I would not be investing more than 3-4K per month. Which company in your opinion is the best for it (considering my small limits). I also plan to buy e-gold in future so i want to choose a company which is also registered with NSDL to buy/sell e-gold. I checked geojit bnp paribas but it seems their brokerage is very high (0.3% for intra-day trading). Also, there were two options – CSDL and NSDL – i couldn’t understand the difference.

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  1. Dear Sumit, Out of your free money (I think it’s not hard earned money as you want to day trade), at any given day, how much frequantly you want to trade? If you want to purchase shares just for the sake of purchasing & copying others, my dear friend, please do not go for it.

    Please read & read a lot. Before opening the demat account, you need to open a reading account in your brain to understand all the risks related with your actions.

    If you are going to buy & hold kind thing (for very long term), 30 paise or 50 paise brok. does not impact your over all return.

    Personally If I’m in your position, I w’d not invest such amount into direct Eq. & w’d like to invest only in Eq. MFs.



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