Rebalancing the portifolio

POSTED BY Durgarao ON April 10, 2012 10:09 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi all,

18 months back I have started SIP for 3 years in the below MF’s

1) HDFC Top 200(G) – Rs2000
2) DSP BR Top 100(G) – RS2000
3) Reliance Regular savings fund(G) – RS2000

My age is 26, single, my monthly income Rs20000, risk appetite – High.

Can i continue with Reliance RSF fund? As i am seeing it is not performing well from past 1 year.

Thanks in advance for all your guidance.

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  1. Ramesh says:

    Risk appetite = high.

    What does that mean? Technically, it means you are happy with good returns but still ok, if there is underperformance and overall you remain happy.

    Risk appetite=moderate, means you are happy with good returns but not happy with underperformance.

    Two of your funds HDFC Top 200 and DSP Top 100 are moderate risk appetite funds = conservative equity fund return. while RRSF-equity is an aggressive fund. So overall, around 66% percent of your invested money is in moderate risk, while 33% is in high risk. And still, you are thinking in terms of changing over the more risky part.

    Somewhere there is a contradiction.

    By the way, quantum long term equity fund is also a conservative kind of fund.

    My recommendation: Continue your SIP for all 3 years in these funds. You may however, consolidate DSP top 100 and HDFC top 200 into a single fund (if you really want to consolidate).

  2. Dear Durgarao, If you are not satisfied with performance of Rel. RSF, my take ‘ll be to go with Quantum Long tErm Eq. fund. Please check the below link for a comparison.



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