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POSTED BY R ON January 21, 2013 8:40 pm COMMENTS (3)

Should one invest in properties along the newly opened Noida-Agra expressway? Is it a worthwhile investment to make ?Duration -about 4-5 years.Would one get very good appreciation on the investment done with the sole purpose of selling off the asset after 4-5 years?

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  1. Dear R. your reply is ok. but please answer my question.



  2. R says:

    Many thanks Ashal. The intention of posting this on the forum is have a broad based discussion with the people here, many of whom would be experts in their fields or people having first hand experiences. By way of such interactions, decision making is facilitated based on good, open & honest advise.
    Many thanks once again.

  3. dear R, this is a personal call. by the way, Noida extention is lready creating alot of heart burn for investors like you. Please think on a different scale. if I’m the owner of the said property on expressway & you are working in some where Gurgaon or Delhi, w’d you like to purchase or even rent this property for yourself after 5-6 years here onwards?

    The answer given by you to my counter question ‘ll help you to decide what to do?



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