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Are you aware of any real estate coach? Actually I’m looking for somone who can suggest some good places to invest in real estate (is not a real estate broker).


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  1. Manish awasthi says:

    Yups………..Just now read Manish comment on fb..

    Excellent definition of Home Loan EMI by one reader on our blog

    “Home loan EMI’s is paying rent in advance for our children”……………

    So not planning to go for a much loan……….

    1. Dear Manish, from whatever we have discussed till this point, I seriously doubt that you people (you & friends) ‘ll be able to get an honest real estate coach. More over, I’m not that much convinced with the Idea of Real Estate as an investment option.

      Please walk the path at your own risk.



  2. Manish awasthi says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha………..didnt expected these questions from u …………..

    Money—-Actually ,3-4 people( me and my frends ) would be putting their money, ..
    Holding period- 4-5years……………..
    Cities——— Tier -II and tier III cities(small cities)……
    Current location in India— Delhi


    1. Dear Manish, from your reply I assume for an example that each of your friend including you ‘ll pitch in say 10L Rs. from this corpus of 40-50L Rs. depending upon the location & price of the properties, you people ‘ll purchase 2-3 properties. So over all you people are not thinking of taking any home loan? Am I right in my understanding?



  3. Manish awasthi says:

    Yups Ashal, u r clear in your understanding.

    But i can invest only in 2-3 properties .So i’m looking for somone who can give a honest advise on real estate and does not mainly suggest properties in which he got good comission.


    1. Dear Manish, how much money ‘ll you pitch in from your own pocket & how much from loans> What ‘ll be the holding period? In which cities you are looking for? Your current location in India or are you an NRI?……………….

      Too many questions to answer. By the way, I’m neither a real estate coach nor have Intentions to do so. 🙂 🙂



  4. Manish awasthi says:

    Dear Ashal,
    Actually I’m looking for Real estate coach who can give honest advise on property who knows in and out of property.
    Like we have financial coaches who don’t sell financial products but just give advise to people on what to buy and what not to buy.
    Same way i’m searching for people who give coaching on real estate places and is not a real estate broker.

    1. Dear Manish, so from your reply, should I assume, you are going to invest in real estate in the same way people invest in MFs. Here in your case, you ‘ll invest in 2-3 or 4-5 ore 10-12 properties based upon the guidelines provide to you by that real estate coach? Then at a right time, you ‘ll book your profits & invest again in another properties.

      Am I right in my understanding?



  5. Sir,

    There are two types of people who deal with real estate other than the developer.

    Real Estate Broker and Real estate consultant. Both mean the same. All that they do is,
    show you property and wait for commion.

    There are some firms who say they provide end to end solutions. They claim they have tie up with lawyers, etc etc. I am not sure how much gurantee can they provide for their process and verifications.

    In case if anybody knows something like this in bangalore, i would be willing to know.

  6. Dear Manish Awasthi, can you please elaborate more on your query?



  7. Hi – If this is being raised after getting inspiration from the book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ I commend your action/thought process.

    However dealing with real estate is not that transparent in India as you may already know and it also involves a lot of hassles including multiple ownership/title deed issues. A deep pocket and influence with the registrar’s office is needed for ‘trading’ in real estate, practically speaking.

    If your intent is to buy and sell units anticipating price rise you can look for infrastructure developments in the vicintiy (a new airport, close by upcoming metro station, bus terminus, colleges/universities/hospitals etc., a new swanky mall etc) and take a call.

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