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POSTED BY sivakumar enupala ON April 16, 2013 2:30 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi sir, 

We are doing a Real Estate Business, Now we are going to start Construction also, Just I need clarifications 2 point of view :- 

for Ex: Land Cost 25000000/- + Construction cost 3000000/- + Other Amenities 500000/- =6000000/- total Cost

1. If we are doing constrution directly ( I mean matls purchased directly ) how to make an invoice to the client ? waht are the taxes should be added?


2. Suppose If we are giving construction part to Subcontract (100%) How can we make an Invoice to the client? what are the taxes should be added


Kindly clarify the same….

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  1. Dear Sivakumar, where is personal finance in your query? It’s commercial in nature & should be asked in the forums where such queries are answered by the experts of commercial finance.

    Alternatively, please pay fee for a CA & take his/her help to do it for you.



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