RD v/s MF

POSTED BY vimal vinod singh bhadauria ON April 2, 2012 7:21 pm COMMENTS (5)

Is it ok to invest 1000 in bank RD or go for MF .
Plz be practical as govt. Raised interest rate in small savings . My qns time frame is only for next 3 years.

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  1. Yes .. RD is a better way to invest money in short term given you have asked this basic question , I assume you do not have much understanding on equity and how it works, so better invest in RD only.

    If you think from a little aggresive view, markets have been very much same in last 3 yrs and now a little uptrend is expected , so that point , the next 3 yrs looking promising to me , but again that carries a risk .


  2. Dear Vimal, if the time frame is limited to just 3Y & for the fact that your risk taking ability is also low, I w’d recommend a simple product of bank RD, where you ‘ll deposit a fixed sum on mly basis & even before start of your investment, you know very well, what ‘ll be your final corpus?



  3. Pulkit Popli says:

    as you time period is of 3 yr.. you should go for RD only.. MF may give lil better return.. but no doubt they are risky

  4. Lot depends on why you need this money. if you need safe money. RD is the way. if you have longer term Go for MF.

    In MF there is element of risk.

  5. TheZionView says:

    If you need the money after 3 years dont invest in Equity MF.. Bank FD is safe bet for this time period.

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