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POSTED BY Sanjay Dhupia ON November 9, 2012 1:57 pm COMMENTS (4)

Hi Experts,

I am investing in two of the mutual funds as SIP through Funds India and now I want to invest in Stocks as I am not getting that much profit from these two mutual funds(HDFC Equity Fund(G) and IDFC Premier Equity Fund-A(G) ). I contacted the Funds India guys and they are telling me that they will charge Rs500/- bucks for opening the equity or demat account and then will guide me which stocks to take @of 30 paisa for every Rs100/- transaction. Please tell me that as I am a Software Professional & cant purchase or sell stocks from my own, so this option can be profitable than mutual funds or not.



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  1. Dear Sanjay, what’s the update from you?



  2. TheZionView says:

    @Sanjay Dhupia

    Anyone can invest in direct equity it is not a rocket science. It much simple process.
    Its harder than doing MF investment.

    If you have patience to study about investing in stock market and have enough time(atleast 2-5 hours/week) then you can slowly get into the direct equity investing.

    It works in 2 ways
    1.If you are looking for quick gain then your are not invest rather your gambling which as you should know always loaded against you.

    2.If you are here to create long term wealth,then this is a paradise which when done right shows volatality in short term but wealth in long term

    you need lots and lots of learning to be doing direct equity. There will be time you will be loosing money but that is just part of it.

    If you are ready for it go for it
    “Remember its not rocket science and anyone can do it.Just like riding the bicycle you will fall while learning once you learn to balance you will move forward in steady motion”

  3. Krishna Kishore Appala says:

    Direct Investing is not every one’s cup of tea. You may make some money in one or two shots, but believe it because of “Pure Luck”, nothing other than that.
    Creating wealth & Long term Investing (through direct stocks) needs lots of analysis.
    And there are specialized people over there for these.

    The funds you had chosen are having a Great track record & will continue in future also.
    HDFC Equity ( Managed by the Star Fund Manger of India Prasanth Jain)
    IDFC Premier Equity (Best fund in Mid-Small cap).

    Always believe in “Law of Farm” (Never expect planting the seeds today & get the crop tomorrow).

    All you need to do is Give them time & just track them once in a year.

    Happy Investing 🙂

    Krishna Kishore Appala

  4. Biswa Singh says:

    Making money in direct equity is much more difficult than MF. People who are passionate about equity markets should only invest in direct stocks.

    You have invested in good good MF, please give it little bit more time to grow.

    You can open demat accoutn with ICICI, HDFC, SBI, Funds India and directly trade if you want.

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