Query on Will – Nominee as legal heir ?

POSTED BY Vijay G ON November 8, 2014 2:54 pm ONE COMMENT

I read the article https://www.jagoinvestor.com/2010/10/will-your-nominee-get-the-money-on-your-death.html.

I am working to get a Will done. The situation is if I have an FD with a nominee for personA and an FD with a nominee for person, I want the money to go to the respective persons. I want the nominee to be the legal heir. This gives me flexibility to always keep the appropriate assets updated with the correct nominee and I don’t have to keep updating the Will.

The advocate making the Will asked me to list out all FDs and the heirs. The challenge I see with that is, the FDs keep changing due to renewal. The nominees might also change. So I need to keep updating the Will regularly which is a pain due to the registration process/cost.

So my question is – can I have a generic Will where I can say “I have FDs/SBs/PPFs/etc accounts and I have nominated a person for each asset. Please hand over those account funds to the respective nominees as they are the legal heir for those assets. For every other asset which does not have a nominee, let it be shared equally among successors”.

This generic approach helps make my Will a permanent one time document and I can keep changing my FDs without having to update my Will.

Is this possible, please suggest.

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  1. VijayG says:

    Can anyone help on this query?

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