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POSTED BY Vimal P N ON February 28, 2013 5:00 pm COMMENTS (4)

Dear all,

I wanted to file the IT return for AY 2012-13 for my income which includes Income from salary and interest income from SB accounts.

As per my form 16, TDS of Rs.800 is deducted for my income from salary which is almost Rs. 302000.
I declared a deduction eligibility of Rs.115000 to the company which includes Rs.100000 as deduction under 80C and Rs.15000 as perqusite of medical reimbursement.
But as per form 16 my deduction claims are under 80c and 80d (15000).
So my claim under section 17(2) is now under 80d.
I was not eligible for deduction under 80d for that taxation period.

As a result my Income from salary in the return will be Rs.15000 less than the same in form 16 if I file it with my numbers.
Will this difference create any problem in the future.
Or should I pay tax for Rs. 15000 which I claimed as medical reimbursement but now under 80D.

Kindly provide your inputs.


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  1. Dear Vimal, no issue, you can file your ITR with your own nos. which are correct ones. Please do not fear for this. There may be a difference in what is reported in form 16 & waht’s your actual income.



    1. Vimal P N says:

      Thank you Sir.

  2. Vimal P N says:

    Thank you Sir for the reply.
    I intimated the account person about this difference and he advised to declare tax and file the return as per my numbers.
    i.e. I have to file the return with Income from salary as 15k less from the form 16.
    But this way the Income from salary as per company records will be higher than the one declared by me in the return.
    My concern is whether this will create problem if a scrutiny is made on my return.

  3. Dear Vimal, it seems there is some gof up between you & your company for those 15K Rs. Please sort out the matter there first. Then only think to file your ITR.



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