Query for my Term policy purchase.

POSTED BY Prashant ON June 22, 2013 4:55 pm COMMENTS (3)


I am going to purchase term plan to meet the following objectives- 


1) Basic cover of Rs 1.5CR

2) Maximum/most common CI covered (value Rs 25L)

3) Disability to be covered (permanent/partial/temp) (value Rs 25L)


for this, I am thinking of finalizing the following- 

1) Aegon Religare Term of Rs 1Cr (premium – Rs 8400) (age – 31 yrs/non-smoker)

2) Aviva iLife – oniline term of Rs 50L (premium – Rs 4700)

3) Aviva Health Secure (covers 12 CI) (premium – Rs 5449)

4) Bajaj allianz personal guard of Rs 20-25L (premium should be less than Rs 4000)

So, in all by paying around Rs 22K, i can be adequately insured.

Plz advise. 



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  1. Prashant says:

    Thanks for your response. The choice of insurers is mostly basis readings at your blog, I dont have experience with any of these companies for any financial instrument till now.

    For CI, i think Rs 25L is a good amount to cover most of the dreaded disease expense. However, it doesnt cover disabilities which are generally due to accidents. Hence, wanted to have a cover for disability as well. I checked to see if any of the term insurers were offering both CI and disabilities in a single plan, however, couldnt find many. A few offline ones which are there, the overall premium goes more than Rs 35K and have limited disability cover.

    By the above selection, I am getting it in around Rs 22K overall with higher levels of benefits especially in CI and disability.

    1. If you are comfortable with your choices and amt please go ahead. Just get it asap.

  2. No sure what advise you seek. If you are clear about your requirements and insurance amounts then that is it.

    choosing insurers depends primarily on your own comfort level.

    May I know why you choose 25L cover each for CI and disability?

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