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Dear All,
This is a query very different from what is normally posed on a site like this. However it is definitely investment related although of a different kind.
We had purchased a property a couple of years back and owing to our absence from the country had leased it. Somehow as against the usual 11 month lease, we entered into an agreement for 33 months.
Ever since the beginning of the tenure, we have been having problems with our licensee. From defaulting on the deposit to delaying in the payments of compensation on time we have been through it all. Ours is a registered agreement with a clause that states a mutually acceptable two month notice on either side.
Despite our repeated requests to our licensee to move out peacefully all our pleas have fallen on deaf ears and to the extreme that we have been falsely accused of harassing our licensee. We are totally at a loss and would like our premises vacated & amicably so at the earliest.
Kindly advise us how to go about doing it. Seeking your assistance & expert guidance.

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  1. Dear Raman, If you or some of your relative is in India who can pursue on your behalf, please try to first negotiate with your licensee. In all probability You w’d have to pay a settlement amount to your licensee to vacate the premise. Another option is to go for a court proceedings & wait for the outcome of your court case.

    Please take help of an advocate of civil matters in your city.



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