Quantum Long Term Equity Fund or ICICI Prudential Dynamic Plan ?

POSTED BY atanu ON October 30, 2014 6:18 pm COMMENTS (16)

I am considering to invest through SIP rs 1000/month at following MF. These are Large cap fund. My timeframe is 20-25 Years. So have to careful to choose for myself.

I am also considering expense ratio. I do not know precisely whether it is considerable or not while choosing  one MF out of following funds.

1>Fund Name: Quantum Long Term Equity Fund.

Expense ratio: 1.25%

2>Fund Name: ICICI Prudential Dynamic Plan.

Expense ratio: 2.25%

Second fund is more old. But its expense ratio is high. According to Manish Blog in long term expense ratio is matter on total return. ( https://www.jagoinvestor.com/2010/04/understanding-different-commissions-on-mutual-funds.html ).
Please help me to choose better one.
Thank you

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  1. atanu says:

    [A] I have been already investing through SIP in(My existing fund are):-
    (Time span is 20-25 years).
    1>ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund (1000/month).
    2>HDFC Top 200 Fund (1000/month).

    3>Reliance Gold Savings Fund (500/month).(have my query on it)

    [B] And I am planning to start SIP in the following fund-
    (Time span is 15-20 years).
    1>Quantum Long Term Equity Fund(1000/month).
    2>PPFAS Long Term Value Fund (1000/month).

    1>My query is about Reliance Gold Savings Fund. I have already invested 14000. But total return at present(oct/2014) is 12000 approx.
    I am not interested to continue SIP on this fund. But after discontinuing SIP , want to keep already-invested-amount on this fund. Is my decision right?

    2>Also I want to invest in one MID/short term fund, in lieu of stop sip.
    Could you please tell which is the appropriate fund? My time span is 4 to 6 years. And My intention and plan is, ‘after FULFILL TIME SPAN’, I’ll withdraw some amount every year for some purpose . But I’ll continue SIP on this fund.

    3> Also please take a look on my portfolio(existing(A) and planning to start(B) ). Please comment on this and inform whether my portfolio is good. Please comment on that.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. atanu says:

    Per month I am investing-
    (My existing funds are:-)
    a>ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund (1000/month).

    b>HDFC Top 200 Fund (1000/month).

    c>Reliance Gold Savings Fund (500/month).

    Total investment per month Rs 2500(1000+1000+500)

    planning to invest::-
    Rs 2000


  3. atanu says:

    Please advise which are suitable for me(my mention fund are for just query purpose, I am not rigid on these fund for further investment).
    Many thanks

  4. atanu says:

    Many many thanks for quick reply.
    I am planning to invest per month 2000. But partly on different fund. [long time purpose(20-28 years) and mid time purpose(10-15 years)].
    Oh also please give your advise on “HDFC Prudence Fund” for mid term.
    But please advise on funds that are suitable for me to further invest, considering I have existing fund(mentioned previously).

    Many thanks

  5. Hemanth says:

    Are u sure, these 2 are large cap funds ?

    1. atanu says:

      Thanks for your reply.
      Actually these are may LONG term fund. But yet considering this link:
      Any way please advise me for invest(my query).

      I have been already investing through SIP in(My existing fund are):-
      a>ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund (1000/month).
      b>HDFC Top 200 Fund (1000/month).
      c>Reliance Gold Savings Fund (500/month).

      I want to further invest in very LONG term(20-25 year) through SIP(Rs 1000). (Hence aforesaid query).

      Also I want to invest more in mid term(10-15 years) through SIP(Rs 1000). In mid term I have consider(till not start) :’ Franklin smaller companies fund ‘. Are it correct decision?

      Many thanks.

      1. Hemanth says:

        Ok. totally as of now how much per month u r investing, planning to invest ?

        1. atanu says:

          Thanks for your quick reply.
          Per month I am investing-
          (My existing funds are:-)
          a>ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund (1000/month).

          b>HDFC Top 200 Fund (1000/month).

          c>Reliance Gold Savings Fund (500/month).

          Total investment per month Rs 2500(1000+1000+500)

          planning to invest::-
          Rs 2000

          Many Thanks

          1. Hemanth says:

            Keeping gold fund aside, you want to invest total 4k.

            The first 2 funds which u r investing are large cap. So, to diversify ur portfolio, don’t invest in large cap again in the remaining 2k.

            As your goals are very far and assuming you are in 20’s, try to invest in mid/small cap funds.

            Check PPFAS Long Term Value Fund. Just go through their website of amc.ppfas.com…. a very interesting approach of investing.

            Quantum Long Term Equity Fund is also a good multicap fund. u can consider that also.

            IMO, Franklin small cap is bit risky than above both as it has a very high standard deviation. You can consider it if u r OK with more risk as ur goals are far.


            1. atanu says:

              Many thanks for your advice.
              I am considering “Quantum Long Term Equity Fund” as you recommended for SIP Rs 1000/month.
              I have already mention that I want to invest rs 2000/month(SIP).
              But I am little confused for choosing another Sip(1000/month)-
              I am checking this fund PPFAS Long Term Value Fund as you mentioned.
              Could you please advise and choose from below mention fund for SIP(1000).

              But if these fund is NOT suitable for me, Please ADVISED ANY OTHER FUND NAME ACCORDING TO YOU. It is good for me if you sort your recommendation, if possible. Your advice is valuable for me.

              Funds name are-
              1>PPFAS Long Term Value Fund (you asked me to check)
              2>ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund – Regular Plan
              3>HDFC Prudence Fund
              4>HDFC Balanced Fund
              5>DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity Fund
              6>ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund
              As I already mention, I can invest only on one fund(rs 1000/month).
              Thank you very much for your advice.

            2. Hemanth says:

              just check whether u want to invest in PPFAS…. depending on ur decision, we shall discuss further.

            3. atanu says:

              Thanks for reply.
              Yes if PPFAS is suitable for me, and strongly recommended ,then I want to invest.
              I have already check in some website, this is launch on 5/2013 and its expense ratio now 2.26%(at first it was >2.50%). Now its Nav <15 ; greater than 61% invests in eqity and after 720 days exit load is nil, etc.
              This AMC only have one fund.

              Actually I've also seen, If I consider return, then some of other mid cap fund(i.e.-ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund) give return much than this fund in last year.
              PPFAS fund just starts. So if this fund will super fund to invest , then I'll must invest.
              Could U please give more information?

              My gist query is: If I'll invest 2000/month through SIP , And one of two funds is 'Quantum Long Term Equity Fund' and other is 'PPFAS Long Term Value Fund', then please inform , whether this decisions is perfect for me.

              Many thanks for your advice.

            4. Hemanth says:

              I don’t know your exact goals, assets, liabilities…. I just recommended a fund…. it is you who have to decide whether to invest or not. If you are not able to choose, I request you to consult a financial planner.


            5. atanu says:

              I,ve just read: http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/2013/04/17/ppfas-enters-mutual-fund-business.html; -by Manish Chauhan
              And there is a a line “Those of you, who would really like to invest in equities for a very long term like 10-12 yrs, can place your bets if you find you are interested.”
              This article was published before this funds launched.

              I know You just recommended a fund, but this is very very helpful of me/us. I am really very interested of this fund(PPFAS).
              So I need some confident. I know it is up to me and I have to decide whether to invest or not.
              Yet If you discuss little more about that fund it is really helpful.
              Anyway thanks for your information.

            6. Hemanth says:

              visit their website, watch their videos at amc.ppfas.com…. u will know more about them…. even I have info from there only….

            7. atanu says:

              thanks for your all reply

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