Quantum Long-Term Equity Fund – Not showing up in ICICI Direct MF select list..

POSTED BY Pratibha ON December 16, 2012 11:41 am COMMENTS (9)

Quantum Long-Term Equity Fund –  Not showing up in ICICI Direct MF select list..

Any idea how do i invest in this fund through ICICIDirect online ?

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  1. okay. Call me cynical but difficult to think there is no agenda. IF it is non-financial

  2. Mr. Srikanth has gone on record here that they don’t get commissions from QMF


    a comment says this info is available in Funds India site too

    I still wonder why do it and if there is any other financial arrangement between the two.

    1. Ramesh says:

      From a non-related person point of view, I still try and give a possible business sense.
      1. How many people do you think will only and only invest in quantum funds, without any other amc fund, or FD, or any intention to open a low cost demat fund, and across all of their family members and friends/relatives. I would of such an investor does exist, he would have directly gone to quantum’s site directly and not to either of the above two.

      2. Perception matters a lot in business. A perception that these people are really Not after commissions gives them an edge as compared to the big players, who lack in this. Moneysights probably didn’t work out because of this.

      3. Even you have provided free, but really well meaning and quite well thought out things, for every body. Manish has given this site.

      4. Then there are other things in the world which are based not only on monetary aspects, but just say for hiring the big business. My biggest example still be Linux versus Windows / OSX.

      Hope this explains partially.

  3. I have seen this. It make little business sense.
    Besides fundsindia, fundssupermart also distributes QMF.
    So why bother? (front end answers like customer satisfaction are well … okay but really why do it?)

    Perhaps Mr. Srikanth can clarify this. Not on why do it(at least I am not interested in that), but if their association has financial implications and what they are…

    the article claims
    “Only the distributors know what fees they earn from different mutual funds.” then drawing charts
    and then says
    The numbers used in graph above are for illustrative purposes only
    so why trust the nice looking chart

  4. Zionview how do you know fundsindia does not earn trail comm? Has this been made public?

    1. Ramesh says:


      It is the way they have started right from start. You can check on their website.


  5. TheZionView says:

    The reason you don’t see is they don’t earn trail commission from Quantum AMC hence the omission. They are available and even recommended in Fundsindia.com even though they dont earn anything other than customer satisfaction.

  6. Himanshu says:

    As said by the fellow reader, its a direct to investor fund.

    please visit theri website http://www.quantumamc.com/ and get in touch with them, they will help you out.

  7. Quantum MF is a direct to investor fund and may not link up with all distributors.

    Investing online directly with quantum is quite easy and convenient. For that matter it is true for many MFs today

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