QNET real business or fraud – Is it legitimate ?

POSTED BY chopra_niku ON June 13, 2014 8:37 am COMMENTS (2)

My very close friend is pushing me to join this company for past 1 year…….

so far i am avoiding it……is it a legitimate business……or a scam waiting to explode……. ?

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  1. Vaibhav says:

    Basically those QNET people will tell you to buy company’s product worth a large amount of around 1-4 lacs. So we will become a member.
    Now you have to convince your friends and relatives to spend huge sum of around lac a rupees to buy company’s product. (Around 99% of people wont agree to this idea).
    When you will convince 3 peoples, you will get around 12,000 rupees.
    Plus, you will have to put in all your time, roaming here and there, convincing peoples and attending their meeting.

    Its not worth to spend such huge amount plus its a complete waste of time.

    Additionally, QNET and other pyramidal schemes are banned across the world, including India. There top bosses have earned crores of rupess, but crores of peoples at the bottom have lost their lacs of rupess.

    My suggestion: Stay away from it.

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