Providing details of expired Father for my TERM policy

POSTED BY p990505 ON August 28, 2012 8:54 pm COMMENTS (3)

My father passed away at the age of 66 early this year due to renal failure. I took aviva term policy last month and though I had explicitly Indicated the reason of my fathers death as Renal failure, Aviva has entered it as aNATURAL DEATH. Should I get this corrected? What happens if I do not correct this?

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  1. p990505 says:

    If I do not correct the reason for death of my father would it lead to any complications? After all it’s MY term policy

    1. Dear p990505, I think the underwriter of the policy is treating the death of your father for the fact that age was 66. So no reason to worry.



  2. Dear p990505, With your policy documents, you have the print out of the online application form filled in by you. Please check that the details are marked there.



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